Purdue Blood Drive

At the end of every semester the Purdue football team participates in a blood drive. All athletes on the team are told to participate in the blood drive.The blood drive is always held in the game day locker room which is better known as the Kissel Center. Athletes that have a problem with giving blood or are afraid of needles have the option to ask someone else to give blood for them. Before giving blood all the participants are obligated to fill out a questionnaire at the door,it consist of a series of questions that mainly ask about an individuals medical history or any blood diseases or deficiencies.

After filling out the sheet the participants are then directed to get their finger pricked so a small amount of blood can be tested to see if the participant has healthy blood. When the participant is done the individual then waits for a table open up, after a table opens up a member of the blood donation staff gets everything prepped for blood removal. After the blood donation is done the participants have the option too hold the filled bags of blood and take pictures with it so the individual can post it on social media. Most of the time participants decided not to partake in the photo option.

“I love blood donations because its for a great cause,” said Center for Purdue football Kirk Barron. “The blood that we give as a whole can do so much good and save so many lives.

Unlike Kirk I do not share his optimism for giving blood one of my biggest fears is having a needle stuck into me. Just the idea of a needle being jammed into a vein in my arm just really freaks me out. Even though I have a fear of needles I participate every time I can because like Kirk I know that it saves so many peoples lives at the end of the day.


Purdue Blood Drive