A day in the locker room



Everyday the longest place a player on the Purdue football team stays if you don’t include their house is the locker. The locker room is our second home because it has everything to makes us feel at home. Just like any home the locker room has a security system to help protect the valuables and the individuals inside.The only people who can gain access into the locker room are people who have their fingerprints scanned into the system which the football office looks after and controls.

The first thing one sees when walking in is the players lounge. The players lounge has many of things inside of it such as televisions, game systems, and a pool and ping-pong table. Everyday we use this room to keep us entertained before and after practice the purpose of the players lounge is to help us relax and build team chemistry through relaxation and fun.

As a player I personally love spending time in the players lounge because of the Xbox One in the lounge. In the beginning of fall camp we hold a tournament in madden to see who the best player is. Winning the title comes with several perks such as the privilege to go skip in front of people during training table to get the better food. While one is the champion there also is a belt that look similar to a WWE title that hangs at the champions locker. Being the champion however does have a responsibility and that responsibility is to accept all challengers and put your title on the line every time you do so. 

After leaving the lounge one will then see the many miniature lockers on the left hand side. The players use these lockers to retrieve their clean laundry that was washed the night before. After a player does so they then check one of the various televisions in the locker room to view the schedule for the day and the dress attire for practice.

After practice is over the atmosphere changes in the locker room completely, players play loud music using the aux cord in the locker room attaching it to someones phone and the players are in a more playful mood then they were before practice. After all the horseplay and dancing is over in the locker room players then go straight to their phones to see what they all missed on social media while they were at practice. Before leaving the locker room players put their dirty laundry on loops and then send the loop down a shoot so it can be washed and ready to go for tomorrows practice.


For a more visual look into a day in the locker room click on the video placed below.


Below Purdue long snapper John Vargyas discusses daily locker room life.

A day in the locker room