Even though Purdue athlete career is coming to a close she still remains focused on the next challenge


Over the years many athletes have come through the Swimming and Diving program at Purdue but none have them have stuck out like Grace Einterz.

“Everyday she comes to practice with great enthusiasm and the willingness to work hard,”  said Purdue’s head Women’s Swimming and Diving coach John Klinge.

What most people don’t realize about Grace is that her passion and enthusiasm for swimming flourished at a very young age and it has blossomed ever since. Grace realized that she wanted to go into swimming when she was in the sixth grade. Even though she wasn’t proud to admit to me she wanted to be a swimmer after watching the movie “The Guardian” starring Ashton Kutcher.grace-profile-pic

“I don’t know what it was but when I watched that movie something kind of went off inside of me, ” said Purdue swimmer Grace Einterz.

A week after watching the movie she decided that she wanted to join the middle school swim team too see if she really wanted to go ahead with being a swimmer. When she first jumped into the water and started practicing she realized that swimming was the sport for her. Being new to the sport however it took time for her to start being competitive at the meets with kids who have been training their whole lives. Luckily she had the support of her father Robert Einterz, who would stay with her after practice to do more work so she could catch up to everyone else.

Even though she did this she didn’t see the fruits of her labor until she reached high school. In high school Grace was a four year letter winner at Zionsville High School and she was a six-time state finalist her upperclassmen seasons. Individually she qualified in the 100 free in each of her upperclassmen campaigns, and she was also  a part of the state relays in the 200 free, 400 free, and 200 medley.

With all this success in high school Grace received attention from a few programs in the nation, one of those being Purdue. After Purdue offered Grace she said it was like a childhood dream come true so she immediately jumped at the offer to be a part of the black and gold.

“I believe that’s why I am so happy to come in everyday and put the work in because I am living a dream that I didn’t think was possible a few years ago,” said Einterz.

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Grace Einterz pictured above sitting down in front

At Purdue Grace has also attained other notable achievements such as earning Academic All- Big Ten in two seasons (2014-2015, 2015-2016), and being a three time almost four time letter winner at the end of this season. At Purdue Grace primarily competes in the freestyle sprints  and on occasion the 100 meter butterfly. In the past she has even taken part in the 200 free relay and the 400 free relay, in which she was the anchor leg that brought these teams to numerous victories.

Now that there are only a few weeks and a couple of days left in her swimming career at Purdue, Grace feels like it’s not the end but the beginning. Throughout her swimming career at Purdue, Grace feels like she has also found another passion in her life that she would like to pursue. After she said this I asked if she saw another movie that sparked another hidden interest, to my relief it wasn’t.

Grace replied by saying that after her career at Purdue comes to an end she wants to pursue a career in competitive Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. She explained to me that she feels like this is her passion because she enjoys the feeling of pushing one’s body to the limit.

“I just always loved working out because it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment,” said Einterz.

As Grace looks at it, competitive Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit are very similar to competitive swimming. Her explanation for this comparison was that just like in swimming, competitive weightlifting and CrossFit, always have a challenge for you to try and beat everyday. That challenge which she is refereeing to is the challenge of beating one’s own PR (Personal Record). She explained that the idea of trying to always strive to be better than what you were yesterday, a week ago, or even a month ago is what makes her so infatuated and passionate about these sports.

“The few things I can say about Grace is that she is very dedicated and hard working in every aspect of her life,” said roommate and best friend Allie Davis. “It’s like she is addicted to being successful at what she puts her mind too.”

Everyone I came into contact about Grace has all very similar things to say about her, which is why after her career at Purdue may almost be over, most people believe that she will end up being successful at anything she puts her mind to.

Even though Purdue athlete career is coming to a close she still remains focused on the next challenge

Purdue Blood Drive

At the end of every semester the Purdue football team participates in a blood drive. All athletes on the team are told to participate in the blood drive.The blood drive is always held in the game day locker room which is better known as the Kissel Center. Athletes that have a problem with giving blood or are afraid of needles have the option to ask someone else to give blood for them. Before giving blood all the participants are obligated to fill out a questionnaire at the door,it consist of a series of questions that mainly ask about an individuals medical history or any blood diseases or deficiencies.

After filling out the sheet the participants are then directed to get their finger pricked so a small amount of blood can be tested to see if the participant has healthy blood. When the participant is done the individual then waits for a table open up, after a table opens up a member of the blood donation staff gets everything prepped for blood removal. After the blood donation is done the participants have the option too hold the filled bags of blood and take pictures with it so the individual can post it on social media. Most of the time participants decided not to partake in the photo option.

“I love blood donations because its for a great cause,” said Center for Purdue football Kirk Barron. “The blood that we give as a whole can do so much good and save so many lives.

Unlike Kirk I do not share his optimism for giving blood one of my biggest fears is having a needle stuck into me. Just the idea of a needle being jammed into a vein in my arm just really freaks me out. Even though I have a fear of needles I participate every time I can because like Kirk I know that it saves so many peoples lives at the end of the day.


Purdue Blood Drive

Ground Breaking Ceremony

This Friday afternoon the ground breaking ceremony for the new football facility was held. Many famous Purdue alumni were in attendance such as Drew Brees, Ryan Kerrigan, Bob Griese, and Keena Turner just to name a few. Before the event started there was a meal that was shared between the Boilermakers of the past and the  Boilermakers of the present. The ground breaking ceremony was used for more than just celebrating the new facility it was used for all Boilermakers to get together and hold conversations and tell stories of the past.

“Talking to people who have literally done it all like Drew Brees is pretty cool,” said Purdue Linebacker Sawyer Dawson. “Because he is a constant reminder of how great being a Boilermaker is.”

As a player talking to some of these legends is really fantastic because its just such an honor to pick these peoples brain when it comes to football. Learning all of the tricks of the trade to improve ones game from Purdue legends who have been successful at the college level is truly special. After so many years seeing and talking to all these famous Boilermakers one starts to really understand the brotherhood that we all share.

After the meal was over and all the stories were shared Morgan Burke showed everyone the design for the new facility. After doing so Mr. Burke then proceeded to show the audience that the total budget of $65,000,000 that the athletic program has been trying to raise for years has finally been met. After announcing the great news he announced that they will start construction on the new facility in the very near future. To symbolize the start of the construction Morgan Burke and others then used shovels to dig up grass.



Ground Breaking Ceremony

Fans expectations for next years team

Just like every year fans have expectations for their favorite team whether it is good or bad. At Purdue for several of years most of the fans expectations for next year have been bad. Reasons why fans have had low expectations is because the team has failed to perform well in public scrimmages and practices in front of the Purdue faithful. Luckily for Purdue fans this has recently changed.

The last public scrimmage the football team had last week left fans in a great mood because the scrimmage was competitive throughout the whole game and it was filled with big plays on both sides of the ball. Coach Hazell even came out and said that he felt like the scrimmage last week was by far the most energetic and competitive scrimmage that he has been a part of since joining Purdue in 2013. The end result of the scrimmage ended with the offense winning the scrimmage by a total of four points which is a huge improvement for the defense who lost the last public scrimmage in Ross- Ade last year by a total of 36 points.

“I feel like the success we are having as a team in the Spring is because of all the hard work that we put in during the off season,” said Purdue safety Wes Cook. “Now the real challenge for us is to keep building off that success everyday and not getting comfortable with where we are at.”

Overall fans are not completely sold on the team as of yet, most fans still want to go out to the Spring game this week on April 16, 2016 to see how well the team can play in real game situations.After the Spring game fans believe they will have a more solid opinion for their 2016-2017 Purdue football team.




































Fans expectations for next years team

A day in the locker room



Everyday the longest place a player on the Purdue football team stays if you don’t include their house is the locker. The locker room is our second home because it has everything to makes us feel at home. Just like any home the locker room has a security system to help protect the valuables and the individuals inside.The only people who can gain access into the locker room are people who have their fingerprints scanned into the system which the football office looks after and controls.

The first thing one sees when walking in is the players lounge. The players lounge has many of things inside of it such as televisions, game systems, and a pool and ping-pong table. Everyday we use this room to keep us entertained before and after practice the purpose of the players lounge is to help us relax and build team chemistry through relaxation and fun.

As a player I personally love spending time in the players lounge because of the Xbox One in the lounge. In the beginning of fall camp we hold a tournament in madden to see who the best player is. Winning the title comes with several perks such as the privilege to go skip in front of people during training table to get the better food. While one is the champion there also is a belt that look similar to a WWE title that hangs at the champions locker. Being the champion however does have a responsibility and that responsibility is to accept all challengers and put your title on the line every time you do so. 

After leaving the lounge one will then see the many miniature lockers on the left hand side. The players use these lockers to retrieve their clean laundry that was washed the night before. After a player does so they then check one of the various televisions in the locker room to view the schedule for the day and the dress attire for practice.

After practice is over the atmosphere changes in the locker room completely, players play loud music using the aux cord in the locker room attaching it to someones phone and the players are in a more playful mood then they were before practice. After all the horseplay and dancing is over in the locker room players then go straight to their phones to see what they all missed on social media while they were at practice. Before leaving the locker room players put their dirty laundry on loops and then send the loop down a shoot so it can be washed and ready to go for tomorrows practice.


For a more visual look into a day in the locker room click on the video placed below.


Below Purdue long snapper John Vargyas discusses daily locker room life.

A day in the locker room

Purdue marching band

The Purdue football team is lucky to have one of the best bands in the nation play at home football games. The marching bands name is the “All- American” Marching Band which originated in 1886. The funny thing about that is that the band was created a whole entire year before Purdue’s first football team. There is also a total of 389 members in the “All-American” Marching Band which makes Purdue’s band the largest standing band in the Big Ten and one of the largest in the nation.

“Our marching band is awesome they are always playing exciting music and they always have our backs,” said Defensive End for Purdue Shane Henley. ” They truly feel like a part of the team because they are just as focused in on the game as we are.”

Most people don’t know this but the marching band gets its members from people who volunteer to come out. The reason for that is because Purdue does not have a school of music so to keep the band alive and well volunteers have to come out and try out every year. During games the band can be spotted next to the student section and in the middle of the field performing before the game and during halftime.


Purdue marching band

Interview training

Just like with football the athletes have to practice talking to the media. Talking to the media in the correct manor is important in college football today, because now there are blogs that keep up with every word a player says during an interview. For this reason programs including Purdue make sure that athletes are trained to say the right thing to the right people, because if a player slips up and says the wrong thing it could give the program unwanted attention.

At Purdue in the beginning of the fall camp the football office holds training sessions after every practice. They select who will go through this training by players year in college, for example seniors will go first in the week then juniors will go second and so on and so forth. This process continues until the first game of the season. During these training sessions they have our media relations representative Matt Rector take us through a practice interview. After the practice interview is over Mr.Rector tells us what the appropriate responses are and what he would of said in response to a certain question. The one thing Mr.Rector stresses to us is that we as players have the right to state to the media that we do not feel comfortable with answering a certain question.

“Knowing what to say is just as important as knowing what route to run to get a first down or a touchdown,” said Associate Athletics Communications Director Matt Rector. “Because what a player says during an interview can have a positive or negative affect on the program.

Interview training