Ground Breaking Ceremony

This Friday afternoon the ground breaking ceremony for the new football facility was held. Many famous Purdue alumni were in attendance such as Drew Brees, Ryan Kerrigan, Bob Griese, and Keena Turner just to name a few. Before the event started there was a meal that was shared between the Boilermakers of the past and the  Boilermakers of the present. The ground breaking ceremony was used for more than just celebrating the new facility it was used for all Boilermakers to get together and hold conversations and tell stories of the past.

“Talking to people who have literally done it all like Drew Brees is pretty cool,” said Purdue Linebacker Sawyer Dawson. “Because he is a constant reminder of how great being a Boilermaker is.”

As a player talking to some of these legends is really fantastic because its just such an honor to pick these peoples brain when it comes to football. Learning all of the tricks of the trade to improve ones game from Purdue legends who have been successful at the college level is truly special. After so many years seeing and talking to all these famous Boilermakers one starts to really understand the brotherhood that we all share.

After the meal was over and all the stories were shared Morgan Burke showed everyone the design for the new facility. After doing so Mr. Burke then proceeded to show the audience that the total budget of $65,000,000 that the athletic program has been trying to raise for years has finally been met. After announcing the great news he announced that they will start construction on the new facility in the very near future. To symbolize the start of the construction Morgan Burke and others then used shovels to dig up grass.



Ground Breaking Ceremony

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