Interview training

Just like with football the athletes have to practice talking to the media. Talking to the media in the correct manor is important in college football today, because now there are blogs that keep up with every word a player says during an interview. For this reason programs including Purdue make sure that athletes are trained to say the right thing to the right people, because if a player slips up and says the wrong thing it could give the program unwanted attention.

At Purdue in the beginning of the fall camp the football office holds training sessions after every practice. They select who will go through this training by players year in college, for example seniors will go first in the week then juniors will go second and so on and so forth. This process continues until the first game of the season. During these training sessions they have our media relations representative Matt Rector take us through a practice interview. After the practice interview is over Mr.Rector tells us what the appropriate responses are and what he would of said in response to a certain question. The one thing Mr.Rector stresses to us is that we as players have the right to state to the media that we do not feel comfortable with answering a certain question.

“Knowing what to say is just as important as knowing what route to run to get a first down or a touchdown,” said Associate Athletics Communications Director Matt Rector. “Because what a player says during an interview can have a positive or negative affect on the program.

Interview training

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