Purdue training table

After a long day of meetings and workouts the Purdue players are then treated to a team dinner. This team dinner is known to the players as training table. Training table is held in the All- American Dining Court Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. and it is a mandatory meal for all scholarship athletes. The athletes who are not on scholarship however are not permitted to go to training table like the scholarship athletes.

At training table the menu changes everyday so the players will not eventually get tired of eating the food. The meal is placed right after team activities because the football office wants to make sure everyone goes and eats. The food they provide for us taste delicious and it us healthy for us because the football office also wants to make sure that we are fueling our bodies with the proper nutrients. In training table there are three separate bars for the athletes one bar is for weight gain guys, the other is for athletes trying to maintain weight, and the other bar is for the guys who are trying to lose weight.

“Training table is my favorite part of the day because the food they have for us such as steak and crab legs is so good,” said offensive tackle Johnny Daniels. ” I also like training table because it allows us to eat together as a team.

Training table is used for more than just eating food it is used so the players can build chemistry. Eating food together brings people together in weird ways that one would not think imaginable. At training table long lasting friendships are built through the sharing of funny stories and the sharing of company and food.


Purdue training table

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