After Spring ball ends on April 16, 2016 after the Purdue Spring football game the players will have the option to either stay after the semester or to go home. Only a handful of the team actually stays to complete May-Mester. Most fans think that after the Spring semester is over the players are done until fall camp in August but they are wrong. May-Mester is used by the players to get a leg up when it comes to graduation.

The three years I have been at Purdue I have participated in two May-Mesters and I can vouch and say that they are truly a challenge physically and mentally. It is a challenge physically because during this time the athletes who do stay have to wake up at 7:00 a.m. every morning to complete a grueling two hour long workout. It is challenging mentally because the class you take during this semester usually last two or three hours everyday and plus the work is accelerated due to the short semester.

“May-Mester is challenging but I love it because it gets you ready to dominate during the season,” said Purdue Wide Receiver Anthony Mahongou. ” The workouts the staff prepares for us is so challenging that it builds you into a man amongst boys.”


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