Purdue Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of a football program they are the main ones who put in money and spirit into the program. Without fans to fill the seats of the stadium a program can eventually lose profit and then fall under, but fans are more than just patrons they are truly a part of a team. Just like the team they are always there for all the ups and downs that the season brings.

As some people may know Purdue is having more downs than ups recently when it comes to football seasons. This has slightly affected attendance at football games and it has affected sales when it comes to merchandise. Even though that may be the case there are still many loyal fans that go to games and support the team and keep the football program alive and well.

“The team doesn’t do well but being a true fan is going to all the games win or lose and supporting your schools guys and most importantly your classmates,”said pitcher for Purdue baseball Robb Woodcock.

Purdue is lucky to have such die hard fans as they do because without them there would not be any program. The University of Alabama Birmingham a few years ago had to shut their football program down entirely because their fans were not close to being as die hard as Purdue fans and going out to watch the team even when they were not doing well. I am truly ever grateful for the support our fans give to us on Saturdays it means the world to my teammates and I.

Purdue Fans

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