Purdue uniforms

Purdue is one of the oldest college football programs in the nation. For that reason exactly the Boilermaker football program takes extreme pride in trying to follow tradition. Only recently have the Boilermakers looked to turn away from following tradition. The main reason why the program has turned away from following tradition is because college football is quickly changing. In the country it is a norm now for teams to break tradition and to keep the program up with the modern times and taste.

Eastern Kentucky Purdue Football

Purdue is well known for sporting old gold and black during home games with a traditional gold football helmet. Ever since Hazell got hired he has brought in the modern feel to the program that I mentioned earlier by changing that tradition. Now at home games Purdue sports many different uniforms such as all grey, all black, and sometimes even all white on special occasions. I personally like when we sport the old gold and black on Saturdays because when we do it makes me feel closer to the teams of the past who wore that combination before us. “I like the new uniform combinations we have because it helps with recruiting,”  said long snapper John Vargyas. ” Because now kids pick to go to programs based off of uniforms and equipment.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue

Even though uniform combinations seem like a ridiculous thing to pick a school for kids now a days do actually determine the school they want to go to based off of that. An example of a program who prides themselves in picking up recruits based off of that exact reason is Oregon.



Purdue uniforms

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