Spring break

Purdue football, just like any regular students get a week off of school and football. After the week is up the team gets back into participating in spring ball. The schedule before and after spring break is rigorous, but it gives each student-athlete the chance to enjoy time with family and friends. The break is used by the players to behave like normal students and players use it to recharge their batteries after being run ragged for several months. Once the players return they will be busy with football for another two months straight, before having the opportunity for another short break before summer workouts begin.


During the break I would suggest if you are not up to date on the Purdue football team then you should view gold and black. Gold and black is a very reliable and popular blog that sports reporters use  to help fans keep up with the Boilermakers. Gold and Black covers various demographics of Purdue Football from Spring Ball, depth chart updates, player updates, coach comments, and recruiting.  I have personal experience with the reliability of Gold and Black, because my mom uses it as a way to keep updating herself on how I am doing at practice, and what the team is up to. She has told me that the information that is reported is extremely reliable and everything that I tell her is consistent with what the reporters say. Make sure to keep up to date with everything related Purdue Football is season through Gold and Black. If you’d like more detailed information, you can also subscribe to Gold and Black. I recommend you use this website to stay updated or to catch up with Purdue football while I am on my break from football and my blog.

Spring break

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