After football

With a beginning there always eventually comes and end, for that reason the Purdue football office makes sure that we are prepared for when that time comes. As a player you never want to think about doing anything else besides playing football in the future, however we still have to prepare to be efficient U.S. citizens after football. The football office does many things for us to prep for our future they have professionals come in and help us build our resume, and they also have former Purdue Alumni come in who own businesses to teach us about what people look for when they look to hire someone for a job. The football office even goes far enough to have us rehearse job interviews with employers.

“The tools they provide us is amazing ,” said Purdue defensive end Evan Panfil. “What they provide for us makes me feel confident in my future.”

The other things they provide for us is practice on how to manage our budget for a whole year. Practicing managing a budget helps us learn how to save money and do taxes the right way. The football office pretty much makes sure that when we do earn a considerate amount of money that we don’t blow it.

“Money management is the most important thing they teach us in my eyes,” said Purdue safety Leroy Clark.” Because there is to many time you hear about athletes going broke after they are done with football.

As a player doing all this practice for your career after football is over is extremely boring and time consuming. Still it is something that we as players need to learn and we fully embrace it.The football office does so much for us and we love them for everything they do and provide for us.


After football

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