Defensive meeting

Over the years the Purdue defense has been credited to not being close enough and being out for self. New defensive coordinator Coach Els wanted to address this issue before spring ball started. To correct this deficiency Els called a defense meeting this past Friday at 4 p.m., however this was not the usual defensive meeting which involves watching film and taking vigorous notes. The meeting involved catered food and video games for the players.

The meeting was held inside of the game day locker room which is better known as the Kissel Center. My teammates and I enjoyed the meeting a ton  we felt as if we were actually spending time as a family and a team for the first time.

“Hanging with the guys outside of a football setting is integral for our success I think, ” said cornerback Race Johnson. “Because it allows us to build a unique chemistry.”

Before the meeting was adjourned Coach Els informed us that the defense will be holding meetings similar to this every once a month. He also informed us that we will always meet in a different location. As a player I look forward to more of these meetings because I feel strongly that these meetings will build a stronger relationship for all of us as a unit which in turn will make us a better defense.

Defensive meeting

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