Riley Children’s Hospital

The Riley Children’s Hospital is located in Indianapolis and is located next to the university of IUPUI. The purpose of the Riley Children’s Hospital is to provide care for kids with life threatening illnesses. At the hospital the doctors try to cheer the kids up and try to help them get through their illness. Every day new patients are admitted into the hospital which makes it harder for all the doctors and staff to make sure that all the children in the hospital keep a good attitude and a smile on their face.

That is why the hospital looks for outside volunteers to come in and spend time with the kids. One of those that volunteer their services to the hospital and the kids is the Purdue football team. Every once a month the football team gets a group of four together to go to the hospital and cheer the kids and their families up. Every time a group of players volunteer they spend up to three to four hours a visit. The players love going to the hospital because they enjoy putting smiles on the face of kids.

” I really enjoy seeing the kids at the hospital because the things they go through makes you put many things into perspective,” said cornerback for Purdue football Race Johnson.

One would think that going to Riley Children’s Hospital is sad because of the condition of the patients, however it is actually a happy place where the kids welcome all visitors no matter if they are famous or not. Going to the hospital has given me the privilege to see and interact with real warriors, it has also given my teammates and I close friends and the belief that a smile is truly the greatest medicine for all.

“I will be having a bad week but then when I see one of those kids smile it truly lifts my spirits,” said wide receiver for Purdue football Dominique Young.



Riley Children’s Hospital

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