Winter Conditioning

Every year before football starts in the spring Purdue football goes through winter workouts. After winter workouts is over a week before spring football starts the Boilers have to face winter conditioning. Winter conditioning has another name which the players have given it which is concourse. Concourse is a players least favorite part of every year, because the players know that it is designed to wear one down mentally and physically. 

“After the season is over the first thing I start doing is count down the days to concourse,” said defensive tackle for Purdue Johnny Daniels.

During concourse the coaches put the players through any type of drill work that they can come up with on the top of their head. Concourse involves five stations and at each station you spend five minutes at each station competing against who you are matched up with for the day. The scores are kept by the graduate assistants and the whole day is recorded with five cameras  so each station can be seen and evaluated at all times. The purpose of concourse is to find out who on the team is willing to push through pain and adversity to win, it is also used to evaluate a players movement, strength, speed, and agility. After all the drill work is completed the team then has to go in and complete a whole other workout which involves lifting.  Did I mention that all this starts at the crack of dawn at 6 a.m.

As a player I can vouch and say that concourse is absolutely the hardest thing I have to do every year and it is something I never look forward to doing. Even though concourse is used as condition for spring ball it also serves a higher purpose that purpose that I am referring too is the purpose of acceptance. You are not truly a part of the football team until you have faced and overcome the animal known as concourse. To the players completing concourse is a right of acceptance or initiation if you will.

After concourse is over the players share their individual concourse stories throughout the whole year until the next concourse. This brings us closer together as a team because it allows are past hardships to become comical stories which in turn brings us together as a family.

“I love being done with concourse because then that is when all the funny stories start coming out during team dinners,” said Purdue safety Leroy Clark. ” Like the story Trevor Foy told us about when he collapsed because he was so tired and yelled out that he was having a heart attack to Coach Hazell.”



Winter Conditioning

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