Purdue football study hall

Study hall is an essential tool that the football office provides for football players. Study hall is held during two times during the day one is held at 10:00 a.m. to noon and the other session is held from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. During study hall athletes are given a goal sheet in the beginning of the session, a goal sheet is a gold sheet of paper that has all the assignments the athlete must complete during the session.  The sheet even keeps a ranking system for the most urgent work that the athlete have to complete before attempting to start any other work.

Being in study hall is a requirement for the freshmen on the football team because the coaches and the staff believe study hall will help the freshmen start their college career on a good foot with a solid GPA. Study hall is even required for athletes who are not freshmen who have earned below a 2.5 GPA for a semester. Sophomores and juniors who don’t have a GPA above 2.5 are also permitted to stay in the dorms until they can earn above a 2.5 GPA for a semester. In study hall athletes are also given tutors to help them complete their assignments and consult them on their work.

Looking back on my freshmen year I remember how much I hated going to study hall because I felt that it was a waste of time. Only after I got out of study hall my sophomore year did I realize what it truly did for me which was it helped me to build great habits for college. Study hall got me in the habit to study for an exam three days before an exam, complete and start all my papers weeks before the due date, and it helped me to learn how to prioritize certain assignments.

” Study hall was never fun because you have someone always in your ear telling you what to do and how to do it,” said safety for Purdue football Jake Thienaman. “Now looking back on all of it though I appreciate it all because it helped me learn what it takes to be successful in college.”


Purdue football study hall

Purdue Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of a football program they are the main ones who put in money and spirit into the program. Without fans to fill the seats of the stadium a program can eventually lose profit and then fall under, but fans are more than just patrons they are truly a part of a team. Just like the team they are always there for all the ups and downs that the season brings.

As some people may know Purdue is having more downs than ups recently when it comes to football seasons. This has slightly affected attendance at football games and it has affected sales when it comes to merchandise. Even though that may be the case there are still many loyal fans that go to games and support the team and keep the football program alive and well.

“The team doesn’t do well but being a true fan is going to all the games win or lose and supporting your schools guys and most importantly your classmates,”said pitcher for Purdue baseball Robb Woodcock.

Purdue is lucky to have such die hard fans as they do because without them there would not be any program. The University of Alabama Birmingham a few years ago had to shut their football program down entirely because their fans were not close to being as die hard as Purdue fans and going out to watch the team even when they were not doing well. I am truly ever grateful for the support our fans give to us on Saturdays it means the world to my teammates and I.

Purdue Fans

Purdue uniforms

Purdue is one of the oldest college football programs in the nation. For that reason exactly the Boilermaker football program takes extreme pride in trying to follow tradition. Only recently have the Boilermakers looked to turn away from following tradition. The main reason why the program has turned away from following tradition is because college football is quickly changing. In the country it is a norm now for teams to break tradition and to keep the program up with the modern times and taste.

Eastern Kentucky Purdue Football

Purdue is well known for sporting old gold and black during home games with a traditional gold football helmet. Ever since Hazell got hired he has brought in the modern feel to the program that I mentioned earlier by changing that tradition. Now at home games Purdue sports many different uniforms such as all grey, all black, and sometimes even all white on special occasions. I personally like when we sport the old gold and black on Saturdays because when we do it makes me feel closer to the teams of the past who wore that combination before us. “I like the new uniform combinations we have because it helps with recruiting,”  said long snapper John Vargyas. ” Because now kids pick to go to programs based off of uniforms and equipment.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue

Even though uniform combinations seem like a ridiculous thing to pick a school for kids now a days do actually determine the school they want to go to based off of that. An example of a program who prides themselves in picking up recruits based off of that exact reason is Oregon.



Purdue uniforms

Game day through a players experience

Saturday game days are the best days of the week during the fall football season. Everything we do up until the game is timed out perfectly absolutely no time is wasted on game days. Depending on the time of the game the schedule can be changed but the most frequent time we play at during Saturdays is at noon.

The day for us players starts at 7:30 a.m. with a steak and egg breakfast. After breakfast ends at 8:30 a.m. we are given an hour to iron our suits and our pants for the 211 session in Mackey Arena which is a pep rally that the fans hold for the football team. After the hour is up at 9:30 we break up into position groups and go over the game plan one last time before we take the bus for Mackey at 10:30. After the 211 session ends for us at around 11:00 a.m. we head to the team locker room to get dressed and ready for the game.

After we are dressed we then head over at 11:20 to the game day locker room which is at Ross-Ade stadium. While we are at the locker room we get individually stretched by the strength and conditioning staff and we take supplements such as Spark to get our bodies ready for the game.

“Getting stretched is my favorite part of game day because it helps to get all the tightness you have accumulated in your muscles from the whole week of practice before the game starts,” said Purdue safety Leroy Clark.

At 11:35 a.m. we then take the field as a team and perform our team warm up which takes a total of 15 minutes at best. After we are done with the warm up we head to the locker room at 11:50 a.m. to get a quick team prayer in before we take the field at 11:55 a.m. When that time hits we run out to the field to thousands of fans and fireworks.

“Every time I run through the smoke man it’s something special once you feel the cold air hit your face you know for sure that it’s time to strap up and play some ball,” said Purdue long snapper John Vargyas.

As a player my favorite part of game day is after we win and we sing the Hail Purdue song. Every time I hear that song being sung I know that we have made all the Boilermakers around the country and also around the world proud.



Game day through a players experience

Spring break

Purdue football, just like any regular students get a week off of school and football. After the week is up the team gets back into participating in spring ball. The schedule before and after spring break is rigorous, but it gives each student-athlete the chance to enjoy time with family and friends. The break is used by the players to behave like normal students and players use it to recharge their batteries after being run ragged for several months. Once the players return they will be busy with football for another two months straight, before having the opportunity for another short break before summer workouts begin.


During the break I would suggest if you are not up to date on the Purdue football team then you should view gold and black. Gold and black is a very reliable and popular blog that sports reporters use  to help fans keep up with the Boilermakers. Gold and Black covers various demographics of Purdue Football from Spring Ball, depth chart updates, player updates, coach comments, and recruiting.  I have personal experience with the reliability of Gold and Black, because my mom uses it as a way to keep updating herself on how I am doing at practice, and what the team is up to. She has told me that the information that is reported is extremely reliable and everything that I tell her is consistent with what the reporters say. Make sure to keep up to date with everything related Purdue Football is season through Gold and Black. If you’d like more detailed information, you can also subscribe to Gold and Black. I recommend you use this website to stay updated or to catch up with Purdue football while I am on my break from football and my blog.

Spring break

After football

With a beginning there always eventually comes and end, for that reason the Purdue football office makes sure that we are prepared for when that time comes. As a player you never want to think about doing anything else besides playing football in the future, however we still have to prepare to be efficient U.S. citizens after football. The football office does many things for us to prep for our future they have professionals come in and help us build our resume, and they also have former Purdue Alumni come in who own businesses to teach us about what people look for when they look to hire someone for a job. The football office even goes far enough to have us rehearse job interviews with employers.

“The tools they provide us is amazing ,” said Purdue defensive end Evan Panfil. “What they provide for us makes me feel confident in my future.”

The other things they provide for us is practice on how to manage our budget for a whole year. Practicing managing a budget helps us learn how to save money and do taxes the right way. The football office pretty much makes sure that when we do earn a considerate amount of money that we don’t blow it.

“Money management is the most important thing they teach us in my eyes,” said Purdue safety Leroy Clark.” Because there is to many time you hear about athletes going broke after they are done with football.

As a player doing all this practice for your career after football is over is extremely boring and time consuming. Still it is something that we as players need to learn and we fully embrace it.The football office does so much for us and we love them for everything they do and provide for us.


After football