Purdue 2013-2015 seasons

Through the years of 2013-2015 the Boilermakers have faced a rough spot in their programs history. Throughout these seasons the Boilers have gone six and 29 and have only won two Big Ten games which were against Illinois and Nebraska.Many attribute the lack of success to poor coaching or poor development in game plans for upcoming games. The real issue for Boilermaker football that people over look or are to shy to say out loud is honestly the players.

The reason I say this is because we truly are not a well oiled machine. One half of a game we will look like a totally different team  and look like contenders  for the Big Ten championship, however in the next half we collapse and fall behind in the game. Learning to be consistent everyday is the real challenge for the team because the best teams and players in the nation are not the most athletic, they are in fact the most consistent and well disciplined.

“We have a very talented team its unbelievable how talented we are the problem that we face is playing inconsistent, a football game can’t be the tale of two halfs,” said head coach for Purdue football Darrell Hazell.

There is a phrase in football that all players know which states that coaches don’t win games because the coaches can only do so much. This phrase highlights the fact that at the end of the day the players have to play the game without the help of their coaches.

” Football is not a coaches game it is a players game and I think we need to stop leaning on them and just go out and play to the best of our ability,” said Purdue safety Robert Gregory.

Luckily for Purdue football we are starting to get away from leaning on our coaches for everything. Now we are coaching ourselves through film study and through workouts, until we get out on the field in a week and a half for spring ball we will truly not see the fruits of our labor, but for now the players are moving in the right direction to be successful this fall.

Purdue 2013-2015 seasons

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