Purdue football nutrition



Finding an edge in sports is very integral to athletes, over the years all the edges to gain an advantage has been explored such as new drills, recovery, and strength training. One of the edges that are overlooked by many athletes however is nutrition. Nutrition does so much for an athlete it can provide proper recovery, increase strength, and increases endurance.



For the case that it provides so many benefits for athletes Coach Hazell decided that it would be an integral part for the Purdue program to hire a full-time sports nutritionist. Lauren Link was hired last year to be a part of the Purdue training staff, she is a former Purdue athlete and while at Purdue she majored in dietetics.

“She offers a great deal of many things for our athletes  such as counseling to teach our athletes how to live a healthy lifestyle,” said Hazell.

Since the hiring of Mrs. Link the Purdue weight room has seen many of changes, one of those changes being the sports nutrition bar. At the nutrition bar players can grab a healthy pre and post workout snack to help fuel them through the day. The nutrition bar is open from 7:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. so athletes can stop in and grab a quick bite to eat or grab snacks to have in class or at home.


As a current player I love the new additions that have been made to the program especially when it comes to the nutrition bar. When I was a freshmen the fueling station did not exist and we didn’t have a full-time sports nutritionist so before workouts we would have to buy our own supplements and snacks to eat. Without Mrs. Link the team would most likely go back to being out of shape and living unhealthy lifestyles outside of football. She is an unbelievable resource for me and my fellow teammates.

Purdue football nutrition

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