Purdue 2016 spring game



Spring in the Midwest is the time the snow starts to melt and when college football teams prepare for the season. Near the end of spring every team holds a scrimmage for their respected fans to come out and watch the progression from last years team. This time is a great opportunity to catch a free college football game and to spend quality time with family. This year the Purdue football team will be holding their spring game on April 16, 2016 at 1 p.m in Ross Ade stadium. This game will be between two teams one wearing black and the other wearing white. The teams will be created two days before the game by a draft process led by the seniors of the team. The length of the game will be the normal length of a college football game which is four 15 minute quarters.

Purdue Spring game

An hour before the game starts fans will have the opportunity to meet up with their favorite players and get autographs on the field of the stadium. There will also be various fun stations for kids that will be directed by Purdue football players. These stations are a great opportunity for kids to be close to their idols. If that’s not enough their will also be a famous former Purdue athlete in attendance.

After being  a part of this experience I can approve that attending all of the festivities for this event is well worth it. Fans grow an appreciation for the players and players grow an appreciation for all the fans in attendance. The spring game is more than just a game, it is a time for all Boilermakers to get together and enjoy being a part of the Purdue family. Even people who are not Purdue fans are more welcome to come out and enjoy the event.



Purdue 2016 spring game

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