Returning athletes


Around this time of the year many college teams look to fill in spots for seniors that have graduated and moved onto the NFL. Another thing that occurs around this time of the year that puts college teams in more of a bind is when redshirt sophmores and juniors decide whether they want to forgo the rest of their college careers to enter the NFL draft early. The conclusion that most of these athletes make is to go early into the NFL,their reasoning for doing so is commonly to sign a big contract because they have been guaranteed one or to leave early so they can support their families.

The decision of these outstanding young athletes to leave early have an overreaching affect down the line for their football teams. This overreaching affect is mainly leaving a spot on the roster that is almost nearly impossible to fill the next year.There are also cases where younger outstanding athletes decide to stay an extra year before they pursue their NFL dreams which in turn benefits their team, an example of one of these cases is when former Purdue defensive tackle Kawann Short decided to finish out his college career at Purdue instead of entering the draft early.

The Boilermaker football program has a good track record of keeping their athletes all their years in college before they graduate.This in turn has helped to create great seasons, for example when Drew Brees decided to stay an extra year which resulted in a Rose Bowl birth for the Boilermakers in 1999. Today the Boilermakers find themselves in the same predicament as they did in the 1999 season because they have kept many of their young talent from leaving for the NFL. Due to this Hazell and the Boilermaker faithful are looking forward to the upcoming 2016 season.

Returning athletes

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