Recruiting tactics


NCAA football has gone through many of changes through out its existence. A change that college football is going through recently is the in the way teams recruit athletes around the country. Recruitment has become such a crucial part in college football that it determines a coaches worth and a teams preseason rank. Sadly Purdue football has not kept up with this change.


Purdue’s head coach Darrell Hazell thinks recruiting should be kept the way it started which is in a professional manor. Being a former recruit of Hazell I know personally that he prides himself in following all the rules to a period and recruiting in the manor in which a boss would recruit a future employee for his company. This way of recruiting is ethically and professionally sound, however it puts Purdue at a major disadvantage with other schools recruiting the same athletes. Other schools break the rules and go over board and act completely unprofessional to attain the commitment of sought after recruits and as a result recruits prefer this method.

Teams that bend or break the rules of recruitment most of the time reap the benefits of doing so, those benefits being more wins during the season and more support from fans and boosters. One would think that more schools would get caught for illegally recruiting a kid but schools getting punished like Miami rarely happens, which is why schools recruit in this unethical manor because there are far more rewards than consequences in doing so.

Even though this may be the case Hazell and Purdue wants to do it the right way. Hazell believes that type of recruiting attracts the wrong type of player and he wants to win with kids who do everything the right way. Hazell wants to keep Purdue at the top when it comes to being known as the class of college football.


Recruiting tactics

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