Alumni giving back



Most college football programs and athletic departments are funded by their respected universities. When it comes to this Purdue is unique because unlike most programs around the country the Purdue athletic program is self funded, which means the university does not put a penny into the athletic program. Athletics at Purdue stays functioning only due to the generosity of numerous alumni across the globe. This booster organization for the athletic department is known  as the John Purdue Club.


Currently the Purdue football team is looking to use this organization to raise an amount of around $65,000,000 on a newly updated football facility, however the exact price won’t be known for awhile until the development documents are finalized and the project for the new facility receives a bid. The organization has already raised $13,400,000 for this new venture towards updating the Purdue football program.  Former Purdue football player Ryan Kerrigan, who is well known for his outstanding and gritty play on the field has pitched in $250,000 towards the project.


When asked for his reasoning for giving back to the program Kerrigan gave a simple reasoning, which was that he decided to give back because he loves the university and wants to do anything for the kids who are a part of it. Athletic director Morgan Burke admires Kerrigan’s reasoning for giving back he said that people like Kerrigan understand. By using the word understanding Burke was alluding to Kerrigan’s understanding of what the athletes need to be successful on and off the field of play.

Another former Purdue player who also shares in Kerrigan’s understanding of his schools alma mater’s football players is quarterback for the Saints Drew Brees. Brees in June of 2015 promised to give $1,000,000 towards the project. Construction for this facility is estimated to start sometime around May of 2016 and be completed by April of 2017. The program and the players are both excited for the new facility because they believe this facility will bring more opportunity. Those opportunities being a new recruiting tool to attract top recruits in the country to help improve the overall culture of Purdue football.


Alumni giving back

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